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Calling in "The One" Private Coaching

Calling in 'The One' Book Cover

Leading luminaries such as Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch and Marianne Williamson are celebrating Calling in “The One” as a uniquely powerful, trailblazing, approach to love and soul-mate partnership in the 21st century. Why? It begins where few other approaches do—on the inside.

Based on the bestselling book Calling in “The One” by Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT, this internationally renowned transformative process is designed to powerfully support you to identify and release the inner obstacles to love. 

As a private coaching structure, Calling in "The One" begins with a formal (60-minutes) introductory session. If we decide that the program is a fit for you at this time, we become partners in your transformation.

In seven Calling in “The One” sessions you will:

~ Set a powerful intention and anchor into your vision of love fulfilled.

~ Learn to identify your healthy needs in relationship.

~ Identify and release your limiting beliefs about relationships, about men or women, and about life.

~ Become magnetic to the love of your life---your Soul's true match.

~ Commit fully to your best life as a foundation for receiving your best love.

~ Discover how to create a welcoming space for love in your home.

~ Source your sense of self from the future you’re creating rather than from the present or the past

~ Cultivate your capacity to give and receive great love.

~ Complete the relationships of the past: renegotiate old agreements, release old resentments, and create empowered relationships in all areas of your life.

Let Your Love Intention Be Your North Star

What You Can Expect Step-by-Step:

Introductory Session: The Secrets to Attracting Love 

~Setting the Calling in "The One" Intention.

~Initial exploration and assessment of your hidden, inner, barriers to love. 

Session One: Preparing For Love 

~Become generative of love everywhere as you shift focus from love as something "to get" to love as something to become. 

~Identify your healthy needs in relationship.

~Identify how your relationship with self has been mirrored in the relationship with others.

~Vision and access a somatic experience of love fulfilled.

~Identify how to shift your home environment and create a physical space to receive love. 

Session Two: Completing the Past

~Engage a process of releasing past resentments.

~Identify and renegotiate covert agreements from the past.

~Identify toxic tie dynamics with an empowering focus on self as source.

~Identify the meaning made about yourself, and others, inside of past wounds and begin to question these assumptions.

Session Three: Transforming Your "Love Identity" Core Beliefs

~Experience the world-renowned True You Awakening-Transformation of Identity process step-by-step. 

~Identify your Core False Love Identity with unprecedented clarity.

~Access your True Love Identity with unprecedented clarity.

~Identify new ways of being in alignment with your True Love Identity.

~Identify things to be released, as well as embraced, in order to become who you need

to be BEING to attract great love.

Session Four: Activating Your Magnetic Power

~Create a somatic vision of love fulfilled sourced from the deeper truth of who you are or your True Love Identity.

~Revisit the original Calling in "The One" Intention.

~Identify your sense of self inside the future of love fulfilled and begin to embody this version of you in the present.

Session Five: Becoming "The One"

~Make a solid commitment to yourself as the foundation for making, and receiving, a commitment from your future partner.

~Identify the underlying motivation around the impulse to give to others and cultivate "healthy selfishness" as the basis for healthy partnership.

~Anchor into a deep sense of worthiness to receive love.

~Create deeper truth statements around your attractiveness and desirability.


Session Six: Aligning with Your "Love Destiny"

~Give up making someone wrong.

~Cultivate your capacity to self-soothe.

~Learn to take radical, loving and empowered emotional self-responsibility.

~Articulate your deeper feelings, needs and desires to others. 

Session Seven: Manifesting Your Soul Mate 

~Become resilient in service to your growth and development toward being ready to receive love.

~Identify ongoing practices to keep possibility alive and become generative in attracting love.

~Continue to grow and expand into your True Love Identity (who you are on a Soul level) sourced from the future of love fulfilled.

~Identify new ways of being, as well as structures, inside of living into the future of love fulfilled.

~Anchor into a deeply somatic, unflinching, knowing that soulmate love and partnership is not only possible but inevitable.

Private sessions are conducted on phone, Skype or FaceTime. 

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