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Welcome Empaths

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Conscious Uncoupling

and Calling in "The One"

with Self-Love Mastery

and Healing from Narcissistic Abuse


"The narcissistic person could be at the gates of Paradise

and they're still going to say, 'The angels are singing too loud.'"

~Dr. Ramani Durvasula 

"How is it that I feel so amazing after having gone through something that I thought would have totally broken me?

Infinite thanks to Melissa and the Conscious Uncoupling process for helping me find myself and turn my life around in just a mere 5 weeks - couldn't see how it was at all possible but trusted the journey and am proof that miracles happen when you're ready for them to."

Tania ~ London, England

"I will forever be grateful for the Calling in "The One" work we did together.

I am married and very happily so. I really never expected that a relationship could be this wonderful."

Kathleen ~ New York City

"Melissa was a guiding light in the discovery and emergence of my most true heart and soul.

She offered a warm and safe presence, an intelligent path, good humor and absolute commitment to my finding, and deeply connecting to, my best self and my best life.

Her work is transformational and should not be missed.”

Katherine ~ Washington, D.C.

"Melissa is a master who has a gift for healing, helping and transcending.

I have been a consumer of all things therapy, self-help and 12-steps for 20 years.

I can honestly say this was the most successful experience."

Lee ~ New York City

"Words cannot express what a gift Melissa has been on my journey to call in the very highest caliber of love possible in all areas of my life. Magic and miracles have been born under her guidance."

Anastasia ~ New York City


"Melissa is a superb guide through Calling in ‘The One.’

She is a calming and non-judgmental leader who possesses wisdom beyond her years.

Her melodic voice lulls participants into a deep reflective state helping us to be receptive to the very critical work at hand: Becoming authentic and open to the full potential of ourselves and tapping into what the Universe is ready to offer us.

Brava, Melissa!”

Antoinette ~ New York City

"The Universe truly conspired to bring me together with Melissa as my Calling in "The One" coach. I have done therapy for years but Calling in "The One" has been monumental for me in learning how to love myself. I did not even know this piece was missing.

I've had two friends---in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic--- say to me, 'You are glowing!'"

Shelby ~ Santa Barbara

"Melissa has an amazingly lovely and exuberantly warm manner. She immediately established trust and intimacy because of her person.

Her authenticity and depth transmitted instantly.

I immediately knew Melissa was the real deal."

Michelle ~ New York City

“Through her Calling in ‘The One’ workshop, Melissa has truly shown me the way to The Emerald City of love.

I leave here confident in who I am and all that is coming to me.

Working hand-in-hand with her has been nothing short of life-changing."

Adriane ~ New York City